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Book of amun ra toy

book of amun ra toy

This piece is 1:1 in bonus fantagazzetta scale, cast from high quality resin and finished with industrial grade materials.
The book recieved some minor damage to the bottom left hinge and the upper right hinge while trying to get it back; luckily it was able to be recovered and repaired.
( you can see this in the photo with the spoon; it is a reflection and not a shadow!
Please remember that this is a prop and not a toy; it is for show purposes and should not be handled carelessly.Nine years later, the Book of Amun-Ra was found in the ruins of Hamunaptra by a group of cultists that worshipped Imhotep as a leader.Richard O'Connell to Evelyn Carnahan regarding the Book, The Mummy The Book of Amun-Ra was an ancient volume that was held in great reverence for the ancient Egyptians, and so was kept stowed away from any interference in the necropolis Hamanaptra.While the expedition was at Hamunaptra, the Book of Amun-Ra was never found, but its counterpart, the, book of the Dead, was, and the Book of the Dead was used to resurrect by mistake the ancient cursed mummy.It was never fully codified and no copies of the.Opening the Book of Amun-Ra, Evelyn read an inscription that summoned up a spirit that took away the immortality of Imhotep, leaving him as mortal any other man.The original name was translated to "Book of Coming forth by day" or "Book of Emerging forth into light" by a German Egyptologist called karl Richard Lepsius who published the first collection of the texts in the year 1842.It is unknown how the book came to be in the hands of the organization but Doctor.
The - mummy -The Gold Book Of Amun Ra - "Open Edition"all accessories in photo were used as props and are not included in auction with the book!
The spoon was used to show the mirror like reflection the gold leaf casts) The dial turns and also clicks like the book from the movies, the hinges open (manually) and are held down by magnets so that it stays securely shut and the inside.
While in Cairo, the expeditions that had reached Hamunaptra had remained in hiding from the mummy, which had eventually found them and brought forth the Ten Plagues.
Richard O'Connell, Jonathan Carnahan, and, gad Hassan.
Imhotep, who arose and brought back the Ten Plagues.As O'Connell and Jonathan had found the compartment which contained the Book of Amun-Ra, the area was besieged by re-animated mummies, which burst from the ground and shoved O'Connell and Jonathan aside, prying open the compartment themselves.Jonathan was disbelieving that he could control the soldiers, but was quickly convinced otherwise when he was told by Evelyn that he could control them simply by finishing the inscription on the cover.The book itself is wondrous to look at; it is completely gold leafed and has a nice reflective appearance.Evelyn was shocked and dismayed at this, but hurried along with her friends, running away and leaving the Book behind.Known colloquially as "the Book of the Living or "the Golden Book the Book of Amun-Ra contained ancient spells and incantations that could take life away from mortals.The Book of Amun-Ra was found under a statue of Horus, which, like the Book of the Dead, was kept in a compartment that needed to be pried open.The book was originally a static piece professionally fabricated by a prop artist and then manipulated by me to move and open; this project took very extensive and numerous man hours to complete.Evelyn Carnahan describing the Book of Amun-Ra., The Mummy.