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Snap poker format rules

Waybill_number, :B1 ) NVL( decode B101, :B1, TRX.
Close, platforms, popular links, categories, hELP settings, enter to Search.Special_instructions, :B47 :B1 ) AND NVL(mittance_batch_ID, :B35 ) NVL( decode B46, :B35, mittance_batch_ID, :B46 :B35 ) AND NVL(dress_verification_code, :B1 ) NVL( decode B45, :B1, dress_verification_code, :B45 :B1 ) AND NVL(TRX.4099q0gjjdwah select parallel(t, 8) parallel_index(t, 8) dbms_stats cursor_sharing_exact use_weak_name_resl dynamic_sampling(0) no_monitoring count count last_updated_BY count(distinct "last_updated_BY 16, 0, 32 1, 120 16, 0, 32 1, 120 count last_update_date count(distinct "last_update_date 16, 0, 32 1, 120 16, 0, 32 1, 120 count last_update_login count(distinct "last_update_login.Drawee_contact_ID, :B52 :B35 ) AND NVL(TRX.Drawee_ID, :B53 :B35 ) AND NVL(TRX.Close, category, business Software Graphic Design Software Utilities Operating Systems Productivity Software.EDI_processed_flag, :B41 ) NVL( decode B42, :B41, TRX.EDI_processed_status, :B1 ) NVL( decode B40, :B1, TRX.OLD_TRX_number, :B89 :B1 ) AND NVL(terface_header_context, :B1 ) NVL( decode B88, :B1, terface_header_context, :B88 :B1 ) AND NVL(terface_header_attribute1, :B1 ) NVL( decode B87, :B1, terface_header_attribute1, :B87 :B1 ) AND NVL(terface_header_attribute2, :B1 ) NVL( decode B86, :B1, terface_header_attribute2, :B86 :B1 ) AND NVL(terface_header_attribute3, :B1 ) NVL(.Sort by, filters, platform, editor Rating, back.RA_post_loop_number, :B156 :B35 ) AND NVL(mplete_flag, :B41 ) NVL( decode B155, :B41, mplete_flag, :B155 :B41 ) AND NVL(itial_customer_TRX_ID, :B35 ) NVL( decode B154, :B35, itial_customer_TRX_ID, :B154 :B35 ) AND NVL(evious_customer_TRX_ID, :B35 ) NVL( decode B153, :B35, evious_customer_TRX_ID, :B153 :B35 ) AND NVL(lated_customer_TRX_ID, :B35 ) NVL(.Territory_ID, :B35 ) NVL( decode B102, :B35, TRX.Drawee_bank_account_ID, :B50 :B 35 ) AND NVL(mittance_bank_account_ID, :B35 ) NVL( decode B49, :B35, mittance_bank_account_ID, :B49 :B35 ) AND :B41 ) NVL( decode B48, :B41, :B48 :B41 ) AND NVL(TRX.Waybill_number, :B101 :B1 ) AND NVL(atus_TRX, :B1 ) NVL( decode B100, :B1, atus_TRX, :B100 :B1 ) AND NVL(ason_code, :B1 ) NVL( decode B99, :B1, ason_code, :B99 :B1 ) AND NVL(C_sequence_ID, :B35 ) NVL( decode B98, :B35, C_sequence_ID, :B98 :B35 ) AND NVL(C_sequence_value, :B35 ) NVL(.Post_request_ID, :B38 :B35 ) AND NVL(quest_ID, :B35 ) NVL( decode B37, :B35, quest_ID, :B37 :B35 ) AND NVL(IP_TO_address_ID, :B35 ) NVL( decode B36, :B35, IP_TO_address_ID, :B36 :B35 ) AND NVL(TRX.Exchange_rate_type, :B128 :B1 ) AND NVL(stomer_bank_account_ID, :B35 ) NVL( decode B127, :B35, stomer_bank_account_ID, :B127 :B35 ) AND NVL(nance_charges, :B41 ) NVL( decode B126, :B41, nance_charges, :B126 :B41 ) AND NVL(B_point, :B1 ) NVL( decode B125, :B1, B_point, :B125 :B1 ) AND NVL(mments, :B1 ) NVL(.
Purchase_order, :B112 :B1 ) AND :B33 ) NVL( decode(trunc B111 :B33, trunc B111 :B33 ) AND :B1 ) NVL( decode B110, :B1, TRX.
Exchange_rate, :B35 ) NVL( decode B129, :B35, TRX.
WH_update_date, :B33 ) NVL( decode B34, :B33, TRX.
Orig_system_batch_name, :B119 :B1 ) AND NVL(imary_salesrep_ID, :B35 ) NVL( decode B118, :B35, imary_salesrep_ID, :B118 :B35 ) AND NVL(inting_count, :B35 ) NVL( decode B117, :B35, inting_count, :B117 :B35 ) AND :B33 ) NVL( decode(trunc B116 :B33, trunc(inting_last_printed trunc B116 :B33 ) AND NVL(inting_option, :B1 ) NVL(.WH_update_date, :B34 :B33 ) AND NVL(obal_attribute_category, :B1 ) NVL( decode B32, :B1, obal_attribute_category, :B32 :B1 ) AND NVL(obal_attribute1, :B1 ) NVL( decode B31, :B1, obal_attribute1, :B31 :B1 ) AND NVL(obal_attribute2, :B1 ) NVL( decode B30, :B1, obal_attribute2, :B30 :B1 ) AND NVL(obal_attribute3, :B1 ) NVL(.EDI_processed_flag, :B42 :B41 ) AND NVL(TRX.Term_ID, :B35 ) NVL( decode B103, :B35, TRX.Purchase_order_revision, :B110 :B1 ) AND NVL(ceipt_method_ID, :B35 ) NVL( decode B109, :B35, ceipt_method_ID, :B109 :B35 ) AND NVL(MIT_TO_address_ID, :B35 ) NVL( decode B108, :B35, MIT_TO_address_ID, :B108 :B35 ) AND NVL(ipment_ID, :B35 ) NVL( decode B107, :B35, ipment_ID, :B107 :B35 ) AND NVL(trunc(IP_date_actual :B33 ) NVL(.OLD_TRX_number, :B1 ) NVL( decode B89, :B1, TRX.Exchange_date :B33 ) NVL( decode(trunc B130 :B33, trunc(TRX.Posting_control_ID, :B35 ) NVL( decode B157, :B35, TRX.Exchange_rate_type, :B1 ) NVL( decode B128, :B1, TRX.Exchange_rate, :B129 :B35 ) AND NVL(TRX.EDI_processed_status, :B40 :B1 ) AND NVL(yment_server_order_NUM, :B1 ) NVL( decode B39, :B1, yment_server_order_NUM, :B39 :B1 ) AND NVL(TRX.